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Welcome to FeatherStar readings! Here you can book your personal session with Sanne. She uses oracle & tarot cards and reads them intuitively, to gain more clarity and support for you regarding your question(s) or situation(s). You can also start a session just by asking what messages spirit has for you!

You can see a reading as a spiritual coaching session. It gives messages and ways to look at your question or situation, with a possible outcome. Remember that you create your own life. You always have free choice! Guidance is here to support and empower you. 

When booking a reading you have two options: meet with Sanne on a live video call or request a video recording that you receive through a link based on your question(s). A full (live video) reading takes about 45 minutes (have your notebook ready!), the video recording (not live) might be a bit shorter. All readings are donation based. This means after the reading you decide what amount you will give Sanne back for the energy and information she gave you, suiting your circumstances. If you need a guideline: most people give around €45,-. The donation can be paid through PayPal. 

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